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Fire Product Sales

We can supply all of your fire prevention equipment.

Our warehouse stocks a wide range of portable fire protection equipment. With our mobile technical team we can quickly install new equipment on-site.

Talk to us today and receive some straightforward advice and take advantage of our same-day response times.

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As well as servicing your existing fire protection equipment, Flaming North Fire Protection also offers a wide range of new equipment, including:

  • Dry Chemical Powder extinguishers
  • Carbon Dioxide extinguishers
  • Air Water extinguishers
  • AFFF (foam) extinguishers
  • F500ea Lithium Extinguishers
  • Fire hose reels, nozzles and ball valve interlocks
  • Fire blankets, large and small
  • Smoke alarms, 9V and 240V
  • Fire alarm panels
  • Fire hydrant landing valves
  • Equipment type and location signs
  • Emergency assembly point signs
  • Fire extinguisher cover bags
  • Heavy duty vehicle/truck brackets
  • Exit and emergency lights
  • Log books for Fire Hydrant Systems, Fire Panels and Exit/Emergency Lights and more…

Our product range is not limited to this list and we can custom fire products catered to your needs.


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